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The registration is open

Round Denmark Race Inshore 2021

Sign up for Round Denmark Race Inshore during the Black Friday weekend and save up to 50% on entry fees.

From Friday 27th Round Denmark Race Inshore opened the registration. It is celebrated with an Early Bird offer that runs until on Sunday the 29th at. 24.00. In relation to the event's price structure, you can save up to 50% with the Black Weekend offer.

- It is with unspeakable joy that we open the doors for registration for Round Denmark Race Inshore 2021. We look forward to a summer of real offshore racing, when participants must cover no less than 650 nautical miles, says Morten Brandt from Shorthand ecm.

He is part of the troika that organizes the event. The other parties are Sailing Aarhus and Aarhus International Sailing Center. In other words, it is experienced forces that are behind RDRi21 and which, among other things, can put the World Sailing World Cup 2018, Volvo Ocean Race Fly By, Vegvisir Race and Silverrudder Challenge on the list of executed and newly created events.

A Nordic Fastnet

And Round Denmark Race inshore is an innovation in ocean racing. The sailing starts from Aarhus on 20 and 21 June and everyone is expected to return the “the city of sails” on Sunday 27 June 2021.

The event is open to keelboats and to multihulls, you can line up single- and double-handed, or with a complete crew. There is no sailing according to measurement rules, instead the boats are divided into categories according to length.

- We naturally hope to activate many of the local club sailors, but it is a clear ambition that we must get hold of club sailors from all over the country and from abroad. We want to create a mix of Fastnet Race and a popular ocean racing that should attract a large diversity of sailors and boats in all categories. This must be an event that the sailors want to have on their "Bucket List", says Jon Koch Hansen from Sailing Aarhus.

You will find registration and further info such as statutes and sailing instructions at

The time to beat

Jakob Frost and his merry crewmen in the 38-foot-long one off, Frostboksen, successfully test-sailed the RDRi route in October and set a reference time of just over 92 hours or just four days. With this time as a benchmark, there is a long way to go before a full week of ocean racing, not least for the single-handed sailors and the slowly seeded boats.

RDRi facts

The sailing starts and ends in Aarhus. It will be a fleet race, as you know it from other distance racing races like Fyn and Sjælland Rundt - it's just a lot longer. The participants come around the northernmost, easternmost and southernmost point in Denmark. The distance is 650 nautical miles non-stop, which is the longest distance racing in Northern Europe. RDRi will take place until midsummer during the brightest nights, as there is also a full moon on 23 June 2021. The sailing will be media intensive on RDRi's own platforms via Youtube and Facebook.

With Aarhus as its home port, participants, their family and friends can before, during and after the race experience a real city that offers a broad variety of cultural offers – and also a city that lives and breathes for the sport of sailing.

Further information:

Sailing Aarhus Jon Kock-Hansen 2714 1802

Aarhus International Sailing Center Thomas Capitani 2040 8442

Shorthand Event & Communication Morten Brandt 4195 2150

Bonus info:

Round Denmark Race is three different races

Round Denmark Race Inshore 2021

RDRi is a distance racing event as we know it from Fastnet Race. It is open to mono- and multihulls, single-handed sailors, double-handed sailors and to boats with a full crew. No measurement rules as the boats are divided into race categories in according to their length. The race is 650 nautical miles. The track runs from Aarhus to Skagen, through the Øresund to Christiansø and Bornholm, south of Gedser to the Little Belt and up to the finish in Aarhus. In October 2020, Jakob Frost & crew set the reference time in the boat Frostboksen at 92:35:17.

Round Denmark Race Offshore 2022

RDRo includes sailing on "the four seas" around Denmark; the North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat and the Baltic Sea. The course is about 800 nautical miles long. Like RDRi, sailing will be open for mono and multihulls and for single-handed sailors, double-handed sailors and for boats with full crew. No measurement rules as the boats are divided into race categories in according to their length. The start time is as for RDRi in the week around summer solstice from 18-26 June.

Round Denmark Race - Time Trial

The third Round Denmark Race event is called RDRtt (time trial) because it can be compared to cycling's time trial. Only one boat one the course that chooses when they will try to break the record. You start either off Rømø and finish in Aarhus or vice versa. The route is 780 nautical miles long and sharply defined. Interested and qualified can apply to receive the exact route description together with the RDRtt sailing instructions. Bouwe Bekking, Jens Dolmer and among others Emil and Theis Beha set the record and hence the time to beat at 72:24:21 in June 2019 in the VO65er Childhood1.

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