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Enroll before December 12th

If you want to register to the best possible price for Garmin Round Denmark Race it needs to be done before December 12. 2023.

As of December 1st, with 11 days remaining to snag the discounted Early Bird rate, 8 boats have already thrown their hats into the ring for the Garmin Round Denmark Race 2023. Among them, 6 are fearless solo sailors, while the other 2 boast a full crew. Splitting their courses, 3 boats have set their sights on offshore adventures, while 5 are sticking to the inshore route. The singlehanded XL-fleet is already shaping up nicely, featuring impressive vessels like Xp44, X4.3, and Norlin 411.

"We're thrilled to have 8 boats race-ready already, but let's be real – more participants would make it even better. We're optimistic that more skippers will jump on the 50% off Early Bird deal, and we're eagerly anticipating additional fully crewed boats joining this one-of-a-kind race through Danish, Swedish, and German waters," shares Morten Brandt from the Garmin Round Denmark Race organization.

A few facts

Serving as the Nordic counterpart to the Fastnet Race, Garmin Round Denmark Race offers participants the choice between a 760 nautical mile offshore challenge or a 650-mile inshore adventure. Whether you're flying solo, teaming up in pairs, or racing with a full crew, the options are wide open.

The race kicks off in early August, just like in 2023. Specifically, the offshore race begins on Thursday, August 1, departing from Esbjerg, while the inshore race sets sail from Aarhus on Saturday, August 3.

Staying true to the Adventure Sail Racing categories introduced last year, boats are categorized based on Overall Length or according to the ORC Club measurement rule.

Garmin Round Denmark Race offers a fantastic deal at 149 euros per person, letting you tackle Northern Europe's most extensive and challenging offshore competition – covering either 640 nautical miles inshore or 750 nautical miles offshore. Solo participants can soak up the race for up to 10 days. Compare this to the 2023 Silverrudder Challenge, a 130 nautical mile-long race with a 200 euro entry fee.

Even more savings for full crew

And if you're rolling in with a full crew, here's the deal: a price limit policy ensures that crew members 5 and beyond get a 100% discount. In a nutshell, whether you've got 4 or 14 individuals gunning it around Denmark, the entry fee stays the same.

For all the crucial details, dive into the "Need to Know Information" found in the two official documents below: Invitation and Event Regulations. Make sure to give them a thorough read before you hit that registration button.

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