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ORC Club Winner GRDR 2023

The ORC Club winner of Garmin Round Denmark Race inshore 2023 is Gerben Bos and Martin Hingst in the J/122 Jetstream.

It's with regret that Garmin Round Denmark Race have to inform the participants in the ORC Club Inshore race that an error has occurred. The error has unfortunately effekt on the list of results. The overall winner in not Blue Bat from Germany but instead Jetstream from Holland.

Below you'll find Michael Quist, external ORC calculator's statement on the matter:

"It is with regret that an error has occurred in relation to the calculation of the results for the

Inshore sailing, as it turned out that one of the boats has both a full crew certificate and a Double handed certificate. A full crew certificate was attributed to the first calculation, where the boat sailed Double handed. This has now been changed and it has produced changed results. But we have now secured the right winner and checked that there are no others who have errors in their measurements in relation to this problem.”

Here is a link to the updates list of results:

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