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New Ownership Structure for Garmin Round Denmark Race

Aarhus International Sailing Center now owns 100 percent of the Garmin Round Denmark Race, as the former co-owner, Morten Brandt, has decided to pursue other avenues.

Since 2021, Garmin Round Denmark Race has been one of the toughest challenges in Northern European waters. Since the event's inception, the owners have been Morten Brandt and his company Shorthand ECM, Sailing Aarhus, and the Aarhus International Sailing Center.

The tripartite ownership became two when Sailing Aarhus and Aarhus International Sailing Center in December 2023 merged under the common name: Aarhus International Sailing Center. This structural change naturally initiated a process where it made sense to rethink the structure and ownership of the event. This has resulted in the Aarhus International Sailing Center taking over the operation of the event going forward.

"After designing the event back in 2020, it has been a pleasure to work with Sailing Aarhus, Aarhus International Sailing Center, and Garmin. I have learned a lot from this collaboration, and future projects will benefit from these insights. I’m happy that Aarhus International Sailing Center will continue what we started in 2020, and I wish them and the participants fair winds for the future,” says Morten Brandt.

“We have been extremely pleased with the collaboration with Morten Brandt, and we wish him all the best in the future. But we are also happy to be able to continue organizing this fantastic event. The Garmin Round Denmark Race is one of the toughest challenges in Northern Europe, and we have great ambitions for the race in partnership with Garmin”, says Jon Koch Hansen, Director of Aarhus International Sailing Center.

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