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Status day 6: Mission Impossible

It's as close to Mission Impossible as possible for Flux skippered by John Haurum to catch up with Garmin Round Denmark Race inshore race leader Xbox skippered by Henrik Jørgensen.

The boats have had a tough battle all 640 NM around Denmark. Flux, in the role as attacking from behind. But so far, Henrik Jørgen and crew have managed to keep the X49E behind them. Right now, Wednesday 22 June at 16, Xbox is in a position between Tunø and Jutland. While Flux is some 10 NM behind west of Endelave. They do resp. 8.1 (Xbox) and 7.9 (Flux) knots. The gap between the boat is 10 NM and Henrik Jørgensen and Crew have 11 NM left before crossing the finishing line in Aarhus. The forecast promises stable winds from west so it will be close to impossible for Flux the overtake. The first boat is expected in Aarhus between 17 and 18 today 22 June.

Doublehand inshore

In the inshore doublehand, the larger JPK 38 has Belle, with Andreas Willem as skipper pulling. The harsh long crossing home from Bornholm is not yet over as the boats are right now lying resp. between Langeland and Ærø, Belle, between Lolland and Langeland Jingo with Frank Lavrsen as skipper and in the middle of Femernsund ExtraHod with Harmen De Jong as skipper. Belle is as mentioned Forrest, Jingo has 9.5 nautical miles up, while ExtraHod has 14.5 nautical miles up to Belle. Declining winds are promised the night before Thursday so the race is still completely open.

Singlehand inshore

On the singlehand inshore course, Claus Cato is still very far ahead of number two. He is in his Archambault 35 off Ærø. According to Tractrac, it progresses very slowly with less than 1 knot. The X412s Wuchtbrummer with Lars Christensen also rides on, however, he will soon be forced to take his obligatory pit of 8 hours within the next few hours. Norwegian Mikael Khei in the Albin Nova Lady Stardust is located south of Gedser Odde with 3.4 knots. This indicates that he is resting in Gedser or Rødby. Finally, we have Madelon Kuiper in his Winner 9.5 lying northwest of Rügen facing northwest with 4.5 knots.

Singlehand offshore

In singlehand offshore, Niels Uttrup finished on Wednesday the 22nd in the morning. He thus became the third offshore solo sailor to complete the grueling 760 nautical mile distance. Robert Kuper Lea and Esben Pilegaard in the X79 X-One remain in the lake. Lea is located approx. 9 nautical miles from Gedser, where he is trying to get into port. He is ready to drop anchor if it does not succeed. Esben Pilegaard is located northwest of Rügen and still has a very long way home to Aarhus.

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