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Restart of the Garmin Round Denmark Race?

At a skippers' meeting in Helsingør today, Tuesday, at 12:00, the participating sailors in the Garmin Round Denmark Race 2023 will be informed about when the race will resume.

Yesterday, Monday, at 18:00, the participants were informed that a skippers' meeting would take place today, Tuesday, August 8th, at 12:00. The meeting will be held in Helsingør, where representatives from the Garmin Round Denmark Race will be present. The purpose of the meeting is to brief the participants on when the race will be resumed. The question is whether it will be late Tuesday or possibly not until Wednesday. The remaining part of the course will also be decided upon during the meeting.

As of Tuesday morning, the weather situation remains unchanged in Helsingør on the North Zealand coast, where strong winds are blowing, reminiscent of late autumn.

Prior to the skippers' meeting, representatives from the Garmin Round Denmark Race have been in contact with the Danish Meteorological Institute's on-duty meteorologist Claus Larsen, as well as routing expert Jan Hansen, in order to make the most informed decision regarding safe sailing for the participants.

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