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Racing will resume ...

Garmin Round Denmark Race will resume tomorrow, Wednesday, August 9th, at 10:00.

After the participants have been sheltered from the storm low pressure in Helsingør Cultural Harbor since Sunday, the wind gods are gradually loosening their grip on the inner Danish waters starting today.

However, it is only tomorrow, Wednesday, that the Danish Meteorological Institute promises areas without gales along the route from Helsingør, south of Gedser, westward towards the Little Belt, through the Little Belt, and finally northward to Aarhus.

"We are just as impatient as the sailors, but when you step outside here in Helsingør, there's no doubt that sailing today will be more about survival than racing," says Morten Brandt from the Garmin Round Denmark Race.

After consulting Klaus Larsen, the on-duty meteorologist at the Danish Meteorological Institute, and then routing expert and sailor Jan Hansen, the decision was made by the race management.

The start will take place between two buoys south of the ferry port in Helsingør, guided by self-policing combined with monitoring the start line via tracking. The scheduled start time is 10:00 Wednesday morning. Participants can expect good wind conditions until Friday when the weather will change. The wind will temporarily drop, only to return from the east-southeast.

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