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First boat abandon sailing

Late Thursday evening the first boat has unfortunately withdrawn from Garmin Round Denmark Race 2023.

For participants in Vegvisir Race Nyborg and Garmin Round Denmark Race Inshore and in the singlehanded community Stefan Severin in his modyfied X99 are well known.

This year was his first "go" on the offshore course from Esbjerg. Together with co-skipper Marcus Schulz they were forced to withdraw as they experienced troubles with one of the shrouds. We don't have the details yet but to sailors onboard are both OK.

In a pre-race interview Stefan Severin seemed confident that he and Marcus would have a good fight with the other 2Star contender the First 40.7 Polish Manx. But he emphasized that the heavy conditions in the beginning of the race would be a tough challenge.

More details will follow.

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