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Do The Double!

A collaboration between Garmin Round Denmark Race and Vegvisir Race Nyborg will promote true offshore sailing by focusing on the most skilled and persistent participants.

Join the exclusive The Double Club? It's open for sailors who can prove that they possess the virtues of offshore sailing: clever strategists, cunning tacticians and skilled meteorologists. At the same time, they will always want to finish as quitting is not an option. They are born persistent and can endure more than most.

We are talking about a group of sailors who are competing in the two toughest challenges of the North: Vegvisir Race Nyborg and Garmin Round Denmark Race.

Impressions from the 2022 edition of Garmin Round Denmark Race. A race that is longer the The Fastnet Race and that endures over 9 days for some singlehanded participants.

Vegvisir Race has the most complex navigation of any regattas in Northern Europe in combination with longer offshore legs on the Baltic Sea. Round Denmark Race over nine days – for some singlehanded participants – it’s longer than The Fastnet Race and the navigation and weather predictions are far more complex.

– ­We have two different and very challenging offshore regattas in Denmark. They both start in August from the two great sailing venues Aarhus and Nyborg located less than 60 nautical miles apart, says Morten Brandt Rasmussen from Shorthand ECM.

– We wish to promote offshore sailing in Northern Europe so we have decided to collaborate. And what is more obvious that to highlight the sailors who can do The Double as we have coined it, adds Jon Koch Hansen from Sailing Aarhus and continues.

– So we want to give participants already registered for Vegvisir Race Nyborg or Garmin Round Denmark Race a 50% discount if they register for the other race. For Garmin Round Denmark Racers that means of course that they will get the 50% discount on Vegvisir Race Nyborg 2023.

Vegvisir Race Nyborg features a start 1 NM out on the Fjord of Nyborg followed by a race back close to the piers of Nyborg where the Pantaenius Fly By marks are rounded in front of the spectators. From there the race in on with challenges like Svendborg Sound, The Baltic Sea and the intense shallow part in Øhavet between Zealand and Lolland/Falster.

Apart from the huge discount the finishers of both races will be awarded with a unique “The Double” hoodie with a unique design feature that incapsulates space and time of these two major events.

You'll Save:

In cash the offer will approximately save you € 127 on a singlehanded registration, and € 255 on a doublehanded entry. Apart from the huge discount the finishers of both races will be awarded with a “The Double” hoodie with a unique feature that incapsulates space and time of these two major events.


  • Copy the coupon code text: The Double 23

  • Hit the button below to go to the Vegvisir Race Nyborg registration

  • Fill in the registration form

  • Paste in the coupon code to get 50% off

  • Check out

2 times Full Moon racing in August

Both races start in August and both races are blessed by fullmoon sailing - well almost. Garmin Round Denmark Race starts from Esbjerg on August 3rd. By then the moon is 95% full. When the start goes from Aarhus on Saturday the 5th the moon is 81% full. The the same time another astronomical phenomenon of the North will show. Or rather stop to show. That happens when the blue summer night sky shifts to pitch black autumn and winter sky. As a rule of thumb this will happen on August 8.

· For Vegvisir Race there will be a 100% full moon when the start goes Thursday August 31st. For the starts Friday September 1st, the moon will shine 97% full. And for the Vegvisir Race Afterparty Saturday September 2nd 92% of the moon will be around from 21:01 until 09:32 – so there is reason to believe in an adventure of a race and a proper after party.

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