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Win Prizes for more than € 3000

Sign up* for the Garmin Round Denmark Race Newsletter to participate in the competition on wildcards and electronic charts - for a total value of € 3115!

Our partners Garmin and Navionics have donated four Navionics charts: "Oslo to Trelleborg, NVEU042 each worth 280 euro. Further Sailing Aarhus, Aarhus International Sailing Center and Shorthand ECM have put three wildcards at stake. One of the wildcards will give access to participance in the singlehanded race (€ 285), one in the doublehanded race (€ 570) and one in the fully crewed race (€ 1140) race. The winners decide themselves if they'll go for the in- or offshore course.

And now we will quiz you on Garmin Round Denmark Race 2023. All answers can be found in the Official Invitation. Are you up for it? Hit the button below, fill in the GRDR Newsletter subscribtion form. In the Message Field Write QUIZ, Singlehand OR Doublehand OR Full Crew followed by the right answers to the six questions below:

  1. When is the Garmin Round Denmark Race 2023 Grand Depart Start from Aarhus?

  2. What is the name of the meassurement rule use to find the 2023 overall winner?

  3. How many (crew & skipper) will at most have to pay to participate in the event?

  4. What's the name the start venue of the offshore course?

  5. Is the official dinner and get together before or after the race?

  6. How long is the offshore course approximately?

The competition expires on April 10 at midnight. The winners are found by a draw among the right answers. The draw will be broadcasted on Youtube and Facebook and the winners will be posted here on the webpage.

*) If you have already signed up for the Garmin Round Denmark Race Newsletter don't worry - you can still participate - our backend system takes care of doubles.

**) You unsubscribe an any time


"If you don't rely on luck ..."

secure your spot with a 25% discount. Register before MARCH 6th

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