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Early Bird - Final hours

Get the overview of the price structure for Garmin Round Denmark Race 2023 to get the best possible price on the registration fee for you.

Register in the Early Bird period - 11/11 to 12/12 to trigger a 50% discount on the standard price. In addition, participants in the Full Crew discipline will pay for a maximum of only four persons. The registration costs will be € 145 per person – singlehanded, doublehanded and for the first four in the fully crewed category.

Full Crew maximal payment: 4 persons As a new feature a special discount for a Full Crew registration is introduced. A price loft will keep the expenses low as only the first 4 persons pay when registering for a Full Crew participance.

Here are the examples in the Early Bird Period: Singlehanded participance: € 145 Doublehanded participance: € 290 Full Crew three persons: € 435 NEW – Register 4, 10 or 20 persons the price remains - € 580

After the Early Bird

From December 13 to March 5th the general discount on the entry fee will be 25%.

Here are the examples:

Singlehanded Participation: € 213 Doublehanded participation: € 426 Full Crew three persons: € 639 Full Crew four persons or more: € 852

Spring price

From March 6 to May 31 the general discount will be 10%.

Here are the examples:

Singlehanded Participation: € 257 Doublehanded participation: € 514 Full Crew three persons: € 771 Full Crew four persons or more: € 1028

The Standard

Finally entries are sold at standard price from June 1 to July 19

Here are the examples

Singlehanded Participation: € 285 Doublehanded participation: € 570 Full Crew three persons: € 855 Full Crew four persons or more: € 1140

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