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Time penalty to solo-sailor


Singlehanded sailor Jan Hansen in Figaro 2, The Beast, was yesterday, Wednesday 23 June 2021, penalized of 35 minutes. The time penalty was imposed in continuation of the next rest period, which remained in Rødby.

Course of events

Jan Hansen himself contacted Race Office immediately after he had become aware that during his first two rest periods in Elsinore and Nexø he had misinterpreted the rest time rule TRR-44-8. Jan Hansen and his shore crew were of the belief that a rest period begins from the time and place on the course where the racing was paused. Likewise, he believed that the race was resumed after eight hours from the place where the race had been paused.

That's not the case. The eight-hour rest applies from the moment the boat is stationary until it is in motion again.

Time penalty

Via back-tracking from Garmin inReach and AIS, Race Office calculated that The Beast lay still in Elsinore and in Nexø for a total of 35 minutes less than required.

The Race Office assessed that Jan Hansen acted in good faith when he used a point on the route as a measure point of the eight hours of rest, which was evident from the fact that Jan Hansen only resumed sailing towards the next point on the route after eight hours and not immediately after leaving the port of rest.

Jan Hansen accepted his time penalty which he took in conjonction with his rest time stop in Rødby on 23 June 2021. Jan Hansen showed good sportsmanship by waiting for 52 minutes before resuming sailing.

The case was heard and decided on 23 June, where Jan Hansen and the shore crew were heard, just as the other shore crews involved in the case were heard and briefed. The decision on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 accepted and noted by all parties.

Garmin Round Denmark Race inshore, Aarhus

Race Management

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