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In the lead June 23 4 PM

Rafale is now leaving Swedish waters at Sandhammaren moving east towards Christiansø.

Next boat from the Monday start is Palby Marine, sailed by Hansen Sailing Team 37 miles behind. Ginkgo skippered by Dirk Clasen, FeOs skippered by Tue S Andersen, Ujiuji skippered by Friedrich Hausmann are next in the fully crewed race.

First from the 2Star fleet is Tri with Lars Kämpfe as skipper. The small Dragonfly 800 is followed by Ratzfatz 4skippered by Andreas Rohde in JPK 10.30 followed by the X55 Chamix with Michael M Andersen as skipper only two miles after Tri.

In the singlehanded fleet the podium candidates are approaching Gedser after a long night beating upwind. It’s still Jan Hansen in The beast a Figaro 2 who appears to be in the lead – even after making a radical move to the very far right part of the course. 2,5 miles behind is Anders Johansen in Beluga a JPK 10.30 followed by Anders Nyberg in RM 13.50 Embla 6 miles further back.

The distance between the solo-sailors and Rafael is now some 160 nautical miles.

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