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Who will make it back first?

On board video from Flying Dragon. The boat did 284 nautical miles in the first 24 hours.

In the overall lead right now are the Swedish offshore singlehanded boats Xp44 XAR and RM 13.50 Embla. Inbetween are JPK 10.30 Beluga and Brøker 35 Garfield. Next in line is another boat from the offshore course the Dragonfly 40C, Flying Dragon. The boat started 48 hours later than the singlehanded sailors but opposite of the singlehanders the fully crewed and double handed participants doesn't have to stop every 36 hours to rest - as the rest time rule 44/8 dictates. So at the moment the Flying Dragon is steadily railing the rest of fleet in.

But it's not only due to the resttime rule the single handers lead is shrinking. While the Xp44, the Pogo 40S and the RM 13.50 spend approx. 28 hrs from Esbjerg to Skagen the Dragonfly 40 did in 18 hrs. In fact the Flying Dragon did an amazing 284 NM the first 24 hrs.

Sunday afternoon at 14.00 the wind Gods are still blessing the front runners of the fleet. While almost all the boats east of Christiansø have are in light winds XAR and Embla are having a blast in the new north easterly wind pattern doing 8 knots heading for Denmark. Next 8 hrs stop need to be before Monday 20 at 17.30. That means that the boats most likely will need only one resttime stop more before aiming for Aarhus.

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