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"The jibe at Skagen took us out"

The Seacart 30 after the start in Aarhus Saturday 18th. The rough conditions at Skagen ended the race for Bo Hasseriis and Peter Bolvig. (Photo: Søren Wiegand // GRDR).

Two out of three multihulls have left the race. Bo Hasseris and Peter Bolvig abandoned the race after inspecting the damage of the equipment coursed by a powerful jibe at Skagen Friday night. Two crashed batten cars at the Seacart 30 could not be repaired:

- We had to ‘go slalom’ between the wide range of coasters and anchored big containerships in the area out side of Skagen, and the jibe before heading south at the cardinal BYB, with a wind speed of 28 knots, was crucial so we prepared the jibe well. We took the jib down in advance, as we were going about 17 to 20 knots, and it was very controlled. But the sounds following during the jibe were not very nice, says Bo Hasseriis.

Finding two screws in the cockpit and identifying the damage when the daylight came through about 4 am, coursed the decision of abandoning the race. No chance of repairing onboard. Tuborg Harbor the final stop of GRDR and next challenge will be Vegvisir in Nyborg.

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