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Hand held status as tracking is down

It was predicted that the wind would drop - and it did. Now it's predicted it will return around 15.00 today from northwest. (Photo from Aarhus International Sailing Center).

Unfortunately we have been, and we still are, without tracking from Tractrac. While waiting for the tracking to return we have a hand held up date. We have gathered the latest positions from the different fleets via their AIS signals.

Singlehand Offshore: Embla and XAR is the the east side of Gedser Odde. Embla more north doing 0,2 knots. XAR is doing 2,3 knots and has a clear lead. Beluga is at anchor east of Rügen.Lea, offshore singlehand, is close to Bornholm but is hardly moving. Esben Pilegaard, offshore singlehand, is back racing after the heavy rain fall nearly drowned his electronics.

Fully crewed offshore: Flying Dragon is 5 NM east of Rügen on the German coast doing 5 knots and hence will soon be in the race leader.

Inshore fully crewed and 2Star: All had a good passage of Øresund. The leading boats are between Trelleborg and Ystad on the Sweedish coast doing 6 knots.

Singlehand inshore: More singlehanded inshore boats are still stuck in Øresund. Leading inshore singlehanded boat Emily is resting in Nexø on Bornholm.

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