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A moved skipper greeted by friends and family

At 22:05:05 Anders Johansen crossed the finishing line as 4th boat and as 3rd solo-sailer. 6 easy and 7 hours Anders Johansen sailed to get from Esbjerg to Aarhus.

In the post race interview he shares the moment where he was nearly run over by a big rusty fishing vessel in the North Sea. He also give an insight in how tough mentally and physically it is to be alone on board for 760 NM and more than 6 days.

In the middle of the interview he is greeted by his family and friends who have come to Aarhus to cheer for him and to show their love and respect for his achievement - a truly great moment.

You can see the whole interview below. And all the other - more than 40 - Garmin Round Denmark Race videos on the event Youtube channel.

Anders Johansen was met by friends and family has he returned to shore after Garmin Round Denmark Race offshore singlehanded.

Anders Johansen right after crossing the finishing line in Aarhus. He sails the JPK 10.30 Beluga and he is an accomplished singlehanded sailor.

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