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Trifork abandons attempt on Bouwe Bekking's record

The announced attempt by Team Trifork to break the record at the Garmin Round Denmark Race – The Time Trail has been cancelled. An ambitious goal for the finish time and the unstable autumn weather are the reasons.

Team Trifork has today, November 3, canceled the attempt to beat Bouwe Bekking's 2020 record at the Garmin Round Denmark Race – The Time Trial.

- Our ambition is to sail the 780 nautical miles in 48 hours, but the mild autumn weather means that the low pressures travel further north than they normally do. This means that we have low pressure systems for less than two days before the wind dies. We are not satisfied with just breaking the record. We want to beat it emphatically, explains skipper Jens Dolmer.

Will try in April

Although the team is currently canceling the record attempt, the plan is to make a new attempt in the spring of 2023. According to Jens Dolmer, it will probably be in April/May, as the boat will be launched after the winter break at the beginning of April.

On to a sprint for season finishing

Instead of the of 780 nautical miles long, the Garmin Round Denmark Race – The Time Trial Team Trifork will be on to a 1/10 of the GRDR-TT distance. It will happen when the team, Friday 5 November, sets out to sail the 78 nautical miles from distance from Skagen to Færdern in Norway. The aim is to do in 3.5 hours. The time to beat is 4:50:52.

The attempt can be followed on Tractrac here

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