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Time for a smart captain

MARQ Captain, a more luxurious way of sailing and keeping time

To conquer the sea and travel to new destinations goes way back in our history. Ancient Greek history teaches us that it is not always easy and sea travel can sometimes be challenging. Here thoughts go to Iliad and Odyssey and the history of Odysseus journeys after defeating Troy. Sea travel has developed a bit since then, but same basic rules still apply; know your position and understand the limitations of your surrounding

To become a successful sailor, not only the vessel needs to be of high performance, the physique needs to be kept in tune for the reaction ability and well-being to be at the top – all together with weather, sailing data and facts of the human body and its limitations. An active tool for this is the Garmin MARQ Captain.


For over 30 years, Garmin has provided technology for those who take on new goals and back again, whether it is under water, on the lake, in forest and land, on the running track, in the air and more recently also on the planet Mars. A large part of the business is smart, durable watches.

Garmin has watches adapted for the swimmer, diver, runner, golfer, multi-sportsman, sailor and adventurer. In recent times, watches for e-sports have also been published. All watches are intended for those who want to go further with their interests and at the same time take care of their health.

A smarter way of life

Today, most things around us are smart tech, self-driving cars and airplanes, smart TVs and telephones, automatic lawnmowers and smart refrigerators. Even a watch of modern design can do so much more than just show time and date - it can help the user both with activities such as training, practical tasks such as payments but also actively be part of an activity such as sailing.

Sailing time on your wrist

The Marg Captain smartwatch is a stylish, durable, water-resistant time piece. Show your passion for sailing with a purpose-built luxury smartwatch that delivers a domed sapphire lens, always-on display and a revolutionary regatta timer enhanced with GPS technology that pinpoints the start like never before. Cruise to victory with a bold dual-color nautical design, including a 46 mm navy titanium bezel, brushed titanium case and intricate tricolor jacquard-weave nylon strap.

Smart at sea

With the regatta timer the skipper can pinpoint starts with a countdown timer that shows time to the gun, while GPS time to burn calculates the ideal position. The watch improves your sailing tactics with dedicated sailing features, including tack assist — so you stay on top of wind direction. When you need to do something else than manage the rudder, you can access our GHC™ 20 autopilot control unit to change heading, turn and steer the boat.

Knowledge is everything

As in life, when you sail it is important to know as much as possible about your surroundings, target position and the place you are at. With Garmin MARQ Captain you have the information you need on your wrist. The watch shows current weather and tides for your home port and can chart your course with marine maps and GPS navigation. Stream boat data to your wrist, wherever you are on the vessel, and add waypoints to your chartplotter remotely. And for the one who wants to control the music onboard, MARQ lets you access and manage your StereoActive™ products as well as other compatible products enabled with ANT+® wireless technology.

Safety first

Safety is never as important as on sea. So much can happen very fast, if an accident occurs. With Garmin MARQ Captain the skipper can send texts, share position, and trigger SOS notifications, even offshore on the watch itself. If equipped with Garmin inReach, the SOS can reach even where there is no cellular coverage. Mark a man overboard with a single press. A directional arrow and distance countdown help execute a swift recovery.

Health and activity

On top of the dedicated sailing features, MARQ tool watches also help you stay active and healthy. Get heart rate data along with alerts if your heart rate stays too high or too low while you’re at rest. Gauge how hard your heart is working during activities, even underwater. Monitor your heart rate at the wrist as well as your heart rate variability to calculate your stress score. See how you're breathing throughout the day, during sleep and during breathwork and yoga activities. Staying hydrated is important for your well-being. Log your daily water intake to help you stay hydrated and see how consistent you are from day to day.


The watch has up to 12 days of battery lifetime on a single charge, more than enough for the average sailing trip.

With a MARQ Captain you will be covered on your Round Denmark Race as well as other sailing trips.

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