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Tiktok - is time running up?

Right now the time starts running faster for Childhood1 in their aim to beat the old reference time of 80 hours. Yesterday it look like a finish at 8 AM this morning but after a tough night in the Baltic Sea Things have started to change. 8 time around the world racer Bouwe Bekking described the return for Bornholm as horrible.

"The most horrible 20 hours sailing from Bornholm to Lolland," Bouwe Bekking.

After getting out of the direct head wind and on to a reach the new ETA said 12 noon in Aarhus. But the record breakers ran into 3,5 knots of south running current in the Great Belt. Next mark on the course is a buoy north west of Sejrø. After rounding this mark on port side the bearing will be WNW and it looks like a new tight upwind beat topped up with a 2 knots of countercurrent.

So long story short - the new ETA is 2 - 3 PM this afternoon.

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