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The Battle of Kronborg

Check out the impressions caught by event videographer Søren Wiegand from the rounding of Kronborg the famous castle of Shakespeare's Hamlet in Helsingør.

The fight was on to reach gate 2 as first boat. Leg 2 from Skagen to Kronborg/Helsingør started out in windy conditions but the wind dropped and as the footage shows it turned into nerve wrecking lightwind battle. Four boats were in the mix to claim the leg victory - Flux, X-box, Honky Dory and Belle. After being behind Henrik Jørgensen and Crew in Xp44 Xbox managed to enter Øresund first in front of John Haurum in X49 Flux and Andreas Wilhelm in JPK 38 Belle (from the 2Star fleet) as third Honky Dory and Martin Gorge came fourth.

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