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Sailing under Supermoons and Meteor Showers

True experiences of Nature will play a great part when two of the most demanding challenges in Scandinavian long distance sailing take place in August.

Yesterday and the day before were the longest of the year. In Nyborg the sun rose at 04:35 in the morning while the sun set in Aarhus at 11:11 PM. Today on the eve of St. John, San Juan or Sankt Hans we celebrate the birthday of John the Baptist – half a year before the birth of Jesus. But even though the day today is reduced with 6 seconds we also celebrate midsummer and the shortest night of the year.

This year two great events for adventure sail racing are coming to a harbour near you in a near future: Thus Garmin Round Denmark Race offshore starts from Esbjerg on Thursday August 3 while the Inshore racers start on Saturday August 5 from Aarhus. Vegvisir Race Nyborg starts Thursday August 31.

But why am I mentioning all this. Yes, you are right I am trying to get even more participants to join the events. But more importantly I’m mentioning this because August 2023 feature two full moons the first will shine on Garmin Round Denmark Race and second on Vegvisir Race Nyborg. If I were not organizing these events myself, I would indeed go for at least one of them.

And there is more to add. Both moons are so called supermoons. A supermoon is widely recorded as being much larger and far brighter than the Moon on any other night - and there's an easy explanation for it. It’s because the full Moon occurs at the closest point to Earth during its orbit, hence it appears larger and brighter. The first is named Sturgeon Moon. The second is named Blue Moon which has become an expression in the English language of something that happens rarely.

So, Thursday 3 when the start goes in Esbjerg the Sturgeon moon will be 96% full. Two days later the moon in Aarhus is at 81%. When Vegvisir Race Nyborgs starts August 31. the Blue Moon is 100% full.

Finally a last astronomical feature: the Perseids. It is a meteor shower that begins mid-July and tops the nights between Augsut 11 – 12. As Garmin Round Denmark Race runs from August 3 to 13th this means that the participants will have a first row seating for this magnificent event that first will reoccur with same force in 2026.

We hope to see you in Esbjerg, Aarhus and Nyborg for unforgettable adventure sail racing – until then happy St. John’s Eve.

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