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Round Denmark Race gets Garmin onboard

Round Denmark Race has teamed up with world-leading marine electronic manufacturer Garmin. A three-year title sponsorship buys the company the naming rights and the event will be known as Garmin Round Denmark Race, Aarhus. Sailing Aarhus, Shorthand ECM and Aarhus International Sailing Center aim in collaboration with Garmin at making the event one of the leading offshore sailing regattas in the world.

When the Round Denmark Race fleet embarks on the 650 nautical mile long offshore route on Saturday June 19, it will be formally as participants in the Garmin Round Denmark Race, Aarhus.

- We are happy to get the opportunity to take part right from the start up phase of the Round Denmark Race, which we believe has great potential both nationally and internationally. We look forward to helping develop the event over the coming years, says Daniel Witt Corell, Marketing & Communication at Garmin, adding:

- To get the best race, it is important to have the right equipment, which helps to create a comfortable and safe experience. Although it will go really fast when sailing around Denmark, it is important that all sailors are safe on board. We see the Round Denmark Race as a perfect window to show the value of our products with a focus on sailing.

Among the leading sailing events in the world

The deal with Garmin runs from 2021 to 2023 and creates a safe and secure framework for the event. It pleases Sailing Aarhus director Jon Koch Hansen and Shorthand ECM’s Morten Brandt, who both call it an important step towards making the race a “must” for sailors all over the world.

- It is really a scoop that we have got Garmin as the title sponsor for the Round Denmark Race. They are leaders in their field and they can add something completely extraordinary to the event. They represent a quality product, and their thoughts and values ​​align well with what we want with the event. We want to give the participants a reassuring and unique experience, and here Garmin will be an important partner for us, says Jon Koch Hansen.

- Garmin's inReach products increase the safety of the participants and at the same time ensure good and reliable tacking, which is essential for the communication of the event. Overall, Garmin's participation means that we are getting closer to realizing the visions of RDR as one of the five most important sailing events in the world, Morten Brandt adds.

Garmin Round Denmark Race, Aarhus, starts on Saturday June 19. 2021 at 1300 hrs, where 72 boats and 184 sailors so far have signed up to challenge themselves and the competitors on Northern Europe's toughest course.


About Garmin:

Built to last. These words describe our products, our company, our culture… our future. As a world-leading manufacturer of marine electronics, Garmin is dedicated to the development of superior products for automotive, aviation and marine, as well as outdoor and sports activities, which will be an essential part of our customers' lives.

Garmin's business model is based on what we call "vertical integration": We design, manufacture, market and sell our products ourselves, giving us better control over quality, service and schedules. Our user-friendly products are not only sought after for their convincing design and high quality, but also for their innovative features that enhance the lives of our customers. Garmin has more than 16,000 employees in 82 offices worldwide.

About Sailing Aarhus:

Sailing Aarhus is a non-profit association founded in 1999 on the initiative of the five sailing clubs in Aarhus: Kaløvig Bådelaug, Egå Sejlklub, Aarhus Sejlklub, Sejlklubben Bugten and Marselisborg Sejlklub. Sailing Aarhus was created on the basis of the idea of ​​a common sailing Aarhus, but was established as an independent association with its own articles of association and with the non-profit purpose of spreading the knowledge of sailing.

Over time, Sailing Aarhus has brought several major sailing events to Aarhus, which include ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship, Volvo Ocean Race "fly city", and in 2018 it all culminated with the settlement of the Hempel Sailing World Championship, World Championships for all Olympic boat classes. We create experiences on the water, but Sailing Aarhus is also about supporting the local sailing clubs, which are the whole foundation of existence.

About Aarhus International Sailing Center:

Aarhus International Sailing Center is located by Bugtpromenaden, with views over and direct access to Aarhus Bay. Aarhus Ø is located in the middle of Aarhus and is one of the city's recreational oases with thousands of daily users.

About Shorthand ECM:

Shorthand ECM is owned and operated by Morten Brandt. The company is i.a. behind the development and design of the races Silverrudder Challenge, Vegvisir Race, Lyø Escape and Round Denmark Race. Shorthand ECM sees events as a powerful communication tool and a platform where users and producers have the opportunity to meet each other in ideal forums online, and in particular in the real-world world face to face.


Jon Koch Hansen, Director of Sailing Aarhus - tel .: 27 14 18 02, mail:

Christine Jæger, Consumer Marketing Manager - tel .: 6070 2001, mail:

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