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RDRi start moved 24 hrs

Dear Round Denmark Race inshore 2021 Singlehanded participant. We hereby announce that due to safety reasons we are moving the start of the singlehanded starts from Sunday June 20 to Saturday June 19.

We hope that you are able to make it to the startline - 24 hours earlier than originally announced. And that you can understand our motivation to make this rather big change of plans.

We have listened to the experiences and followed the advice of the previous organizer of the event; Skandinavisk Singlehandsejler Forening (SSF) - a club associated with the Danish Sailing Federation. SSF serves as Advisory Board on the race management of RDRi 2021 singlehanded.

Among other things SSF made a strong point on assuring that the participants will get enough sleep. As the Danish, Swedish and German waters where RDRi is sailed are some of the most congested in the world the participants need to "be on their toes" and stay alert when sailing. Because there will be no possibilities for sleeping while at sea. So we went for the solution SSF recommended which means 24 hours sailing followed by 8 hours rest.

Originally we had planned for less rest. Our calculations made it possible to make RDRi singlehanded in less than 7 days. With a 24/8 solution that is no longer possible. So the blame is on us from RDRi - and we are sorry about it!

We also considered to take the rounding at Skagen out of the course - the most Northern point in Denmark - and round the island of Læsø instead. But we don't find such a course attractive to complete for you.

Long story short:

Round Denmark Race inshore 2021 singlehanded will start on Saturday June 19 at 1300 hrs.

The reason to do this is to:

Have the best possible safety for the participants

Facilitate the best possible experience for the participants

Secure that as many participants as possible are able to make the RDRi course in due time before the official cut-off time Sunday June 27 at 1200 hrs.

We really hope that you will accept this change and forgive us for making it. But we think it's for the best for the safety of the participants and for the further development of singlehanded sailing in Northern Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or questions.

Best regards


Morten Brandt

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