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New entry took advantage of The Double discount

Yet another First 27 SE - formerly known as Seascape 27 - is in on the Inshore Course. (foto: Beneteau/Seascape Challenge)

Welcome to Garmin Round Denmark Race participants Marlene Brudek and Cirkleine Andersen. Counting the 2Star boat in 43 boats are now ready for Garmin Round Denmark Race 2023. Marlene and Cirkleine took advantage of The Double offer – it’s an offer where participants already registered for either Vegvisir Race Nyborg or Garmin Round Denmark Race get 50% off the entry fee when signing up for the other race. Read more about The Double here.

Ready for Grand Depart from Aarhus

Marlene Brudek and Cirkleine Andersen will participate in their Beneteau First 27 SE named Heartbeat. They are on the inshore course starting from Aarhus on Saturday August 5th. So far 28 boats will be on the Grand Depart starting line on the inshore course while the remaining 15 boats will start on the offshore course from Esbjerg August 3rd.

Competing against the singlehanded

Marlene and Cirkleine will get the pleasure of competing against 2 other Beneteau First SEs on the inshore course – however as these are registered for the singlehanded challenge. So the drag race will last for a maximum of 36 hours as the singlehanded participants face a forced stop due to the infamous 44/8 RestTimeRule. 7 other 2Star crews are registered on the inshore course.

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