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GRDR SH offshore: Status after night 1

After a blast of a start in perfect sailing conditions in Esbjerg JUNE 15 at 15:00 the development of the race is as follows.

After night 1 the fleet is devided into four groups. In the lead neck and neck are the two Swedish boats the Xp44 Xar skippered by Rikard Roth and the RM 13.50 Embla skippered by Anders Nyberg. At 0700 they were outside of the Danish surfer paradise Klitmøller. Third is German Pogo 40 Jufosa where Dirk Eggers is 6,4 NM after and Anders Johansen in JPK 10.30 Beluga who is 9,3 NM behind. In the middle of the seven pioneers we find Niels Uttrup in Brøker 35 Garfield. Niels is 18 NM after the leaders. At the back of the fleet we have Robert Kuper in the sloop Lea 35 NM behind while X79 sailor Esben Pilegaard in X-One is 39 NM after.

One boat is moving significantly faster than the rest of the fleet. No surprise it's the Class 40 Jufosa and Dirk Eggers who's on the move doing 11,8 while the two Swedish boats are doing 9,4. Beluga and Garfield are doing 8,2, Lea 7,4 and X-One 6,4.

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