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Flash News - crazy gains for all

We thought that the offshore singlehanded sailors were fast getting to Skagen in 27 hours. Well, Dragonfly 40 did the 200 NM long leg in only 18 hours! The other boat on the course is Pogo 30 Gjøa at the moment entering Jammer Bugt in what must be true North Sea conditions the wind in gale force. The singlehanded offshore leaders are heading for Bornholm or maybe Christiansø as it will be a race against the clock the head for Nexø the favorite port for the singlehanders on the leeward side of the island. The two front runners must stop at the latest at 23.35 Saturday night.

The fastest inshore singlehanded sailors are approaching Øresund. Claus Cato has a significant lead.

On the doublehanded and fully crewed inshore Seacart 30 skippered by Bo Hasseriis and Peter Bolvig are leading. The bigger fully crewed X49 Flux and Xp44 Xbox are trying the stay within striking distance of the trimaran. At the moment Xbox skippered by Henrik Jørgensen leads.

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