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First boat expected back in Aarhus already Tuesday 21

Onboard photo from Monday morning. Jens Thuesen writes: "Finally past Rügen. Summer! What a contrast compared with yesterdays rain. The Speed Over Ground is 6.6 knots and we are happy to be sailing in the very light conditions in the World's Best Sail Race".

Singlehanded sailors in limbo

Routing expert Jan Hansen expects to see the first boat back in Aarhus Tuesday during the daytime.

– They (Flying Dragon) still have some 40 NM beating before they can start easing the sheets. That's gonna take them approx 8 hrs. After that they will be fast to a point north of Samsø where they will have to start to go upwind again to get into Aarhus.

Jan Hansen is not sure if the first singlehanded sailors who are still resting in Gedser early Monday evening will be able to make it to Aarhus in the upcoming 36 hrs slot.

See and listen to the interview that is posted on Facebook an Youtube.

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