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Dragonfly 40 hammering into Skagerrak + staus all fleets

From outside of Hirtshals we were in contact with Jens Thuesen from Dragonfly 40C Flying Dragon. Jens writes to us it has been a perfect night in cruise conditions of up to 18 knots. Still total control it has not been as he reports that a spinnaker exploded into "thousand pieces". The Boyz are planning to pick up a new sail on their way to Skagen.

On the Offshore singlehanded course all boats are again en route as the mandatory 16 hours resttime in Skagen is over. In the lead is still XAR and Rikard Roth, 2nd is Embla and Anders Nyberg - these boats are outside of Dragør while Jufosa and Dirk Eggers is 3rd is outside of Hellerup. Anders Johansen in Beluga us east of Rungsted in Øresund. Niels Ulstrup in Garfield is entering Øresund while Robert Kuper in Lea and Esben Pilegaard in X-One are south east and north east of Anholt. The podium boats are sailing approx. 5-6 knots which is slower than rest who are doing 6-7 knot.

On the Singlehand inshore course the fleet is east of Læsø which means they've been doing a really good progression since the start at 12 PM Friday 17th. In the front is Claus Cato in the Archambault 35 Emily, second is Siebe Shootstra in FF95 Flecha and 3rd is Mikael Khei in Albin Nova Lady Stardust.

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