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Deep concerns on the routing

The offshore singlehanded sailors are getting a headache when trying to make the routing. The reason is that none of them reached the preferred harbour Nexø on the east side of the island. This port is not only sheltered from the westerly winds it's also the place to set out from to be able to reach the harbours close to Gedser in Denmark - a distance of some 120 NM. Taking the windpredictions for the next fem days into consideration close to impossible that any of the boats will reach a Danish harbour within the next 36 hours sailing slot - unless that harbour is on Bornholm - Rønne for example.

Lea skipper Robert Kuper decided to wait out the thunderstorm in Skandør harbour.

XAR reached Allinge on Bornholm and must have had a party Saturday night as the big event Folkemøde was full on. On the tracker Embla it looked like Embla and Anders Nyberg in the RM 13.50 had a hard time getting into the harbour before the cut off time close to midnight. We are going to ask Race Management if there was any problems of concern here. XAR is sailing again moving east towards Christiansø while Embla is still sitting in Allinge.

Beluga, JKP 10.30 and Anders Johansen was force to take his break in Ystad. He started approx. at 5.30 sneaking east with only 3 knots at the moment. Niels Ulstrup in Brøker 35 Garfield is also on the move east with 2 knob as is Esben Pilegaard in X79 X-One who have just now rounded Falstebo lighthouse. Lea and Robert Kuper has reported that he stays in Falstebo and waits out a predicted thunderstorm.

UPDATE: Anders Nyberg did not reach the harbour in Allinge instead he was at anchor in the bay outside small town Sandvig north of Allinge. I bed you his night was more quiet that what Rikard Roth has experienced in Allinge. Both boats are heading east now XAR rounding Christiansø at 8 o'clock.

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