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Brand new price structure

A registration in the Early Bird period triggers a 50% discount compared to the standard price. In addition, participants in the Full Crew discipline will pay for a maximum of four people only.

The sailors have also been listened to when it comes to the price structure for the Garmin Round Denmark Race. In cold cash, this means reductions of several hundred percent. This is done via a payment ceiling of four participants, which means that participant number 5 and up comes for free.

- We have listened to the sailors, who have expressed some skepticism that boats with a full crew have to pay per person on board the boat. As we want the Garmin Round Denmark Race to be a popular race open for all sailors, we have therefore introduced a ceiling for the number of paying people per race. boat, says Jon Koch Hansen from Sailing Aarhus.

This means that if you register in the Early Bird period, the maximum price, regardless of whether you are a crew of 4, 8, 12 or 16 people, can reach a maximum of DKK 580 euro. For comparison, the pricing in 2021 and 2022 triggered registrations, on up to triple, despite the fact that a discount was given here from crew member 6 and up.

Unchanged for single and shorthand

Despite inflation and price increases in general, the Garmin Round Denmark Race maintains the same standard price as in 2022. This means that single and double hand participants will pay the same price as in 2022, just as registration for crews with three or four people will be unchanged. Naturally, the same price structure applies for boats with up to 4 people on board as for boats with more than four people on board. In other words, there is also a 50% discount on a registration in the Early Bird period.

Tracking is outsourced

From 2023, the otherwise mandatory requirement that all participants must have a Gamin inReach device on board will no longer apply.

- This year we outsourced the entire tracking to the company tractrac. With this, we hope to remove another barrier to sailors' participation. We are sure that it is an initiative that the participants will welcome. And we are equally sure that the tracking is in safe hands at tractrac, says Morten Brandt from Shorthand ecm.

The Early Bird period runs from 11/11 at 11 to 12/12 at 12 noon 2022. After which the discount you get for early registration drops from 50 to 25%.

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