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All inshore boats back

Late Thursday and early Friday the first boats crossed the finishing line on Garmin Round Denmark Race inshore.

The first three boats to cross the finish line in the Garmin Round Denmark Race Inshore were simultaneously the fastest boats in the fully crewed, singlehand, and doublehand categories. They reached the finish line around midnight on Thursday night.

The first boat to finish the Garmin Round Denmark Race Inshore 2023 was Henrik Jørgensen skipper on the fully crewed boat X-Box, an Xp44. He crossed the finish line at 11:23 PM. At 12:05 AM, he was followed by another Xp44, the Swedish boat Xar, which won the singlehand category. The skipper of this boat is Rikard Roth. The third boat to finish was the winner of the doublehanded category. It was the Dutch J/122 Jetstream with skipper Gerben Bos, finishing at 12:18 AM.

The remaining boats on the inshore course that crossed the finish line in the pale moonlight last night were X4.9 Flux at 01:00 AM, X412 Blue Bat at 04:00 AM, X37 Toxic at around 05:00 AM, IMX 40 5Nine at around 5:40 AM, while Pogo 40S arrived around 08:00 AM. The five remaining boats made it to Aarhus through out the afternoon and early evening. Hence Friday evening Garmin Round Denmark Race inshore was concluded as Bent Pedersen and crew in Draco, a Dragonfly 920 crossed the finishing line around 1800 followed by Seascape 27 Vera skippered by solo-sailor Janne Magnusson around 20.

Still sailing on the offshore course are Torben Herslund and crew in GB 1000 Midas and solosailor Stig Wittrup in Moody 45 - they are both expected back Saturday AUG 12 or early Sunday.

The winners of the ORC Club race will be published as soon as the results from both inshore and offshore are doublechecked.

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