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3rd boat & 2nd solo-sailor in

Anders Nyberg in the boat Embla a RM 13 .50 came in as 3rd boat in Garmin Round Denmark Race 2022 and 2nd among the solo-sailors. Anders Nyberg crossed the finishing line at 18:03:17 June 21 2022 some three hours after winner in the singlehanded offshore race that started out Wednesday June 15 from Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark. The decisive moment for Anders Nyberg happened when he blew out a spinnaker in the Baltic Sea after gaining on race leader and eventually race winner Richard Roth.

Anders Nyberg was third among the single handers in 2021 and now second. Maybe he will return in 2023 to go for the top spot on the podium.

Find the post rest interview below together with the more than 40 videos from the Garmin Round Denmark Race 2022.

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