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3 days 20 hours 14 minutes

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Flying Dragon winner of Garmin Round Denmark Race 2022

The winner of the Off Shore Race from Esbjerg to Aarhus finished after being non stop for 3 days, 20 hours and 14 minutes.

It was not surprising that the trimaran Flying Dragon, a Dragonfly 40C with skipper Jens Thuesen, Jens Quorning and Tor Beltov on board, crossed the finish line only after 720 nautical miles behind him. The first stage from Esbjerg to Skagen, 283,4 nautical miles, was reached in record time of 24 hours - which gives an average speed of 11,8 knots. Highest speed was logged at 21.8 knots between Læsø and Anholt.

– We really learned a lot on this trip! And we are still good friends, laughs Jens Thuesen on arrival in Aarhus.

Flying Dragon exploded a spinnaker as the only damage in the ride from Esbjerg to Aarhus. Other participants have had far more serious damages to their equipment, from rudders issues and and batten cars to failing autopilots.

The trio is very pleased with the new boat from 2021, which is built in carbon fiber, and weighs significantly less than its predecessor, and has a taller mast.

– It's like a race car with an extra gear, says Tor Beltov. It is much more agile I think 10 to 15% faster, and in light winds is really has an edge, which was a clear advantage a day ago when the entire fleet stopped in the vacuum.

Still a long way for the smaller boats

The winner can take a much-needed break, and receive the remaining 15 crews distributed on the Inshore and Offshore routes, where especially the smallest boats have quite a long way still to go.

The next finishers are expected to be the two Swedish singlehanded offshore boats, XAR and Embla, who have 8 and 38 nautical miles to the finishing line.

5 crews have had to capitulate along the way. Only 17 of the starting crews are expected to complete the challenging race.

Watch the winning interview on the Garmin Race Denmark channel on YouTube.

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