Round Denmark Race inshore 

An ultimate Scandinavian Sailing Challenge 

184 sailors in 72 boats have signed in. From APRIL 6th to JUNE 6th you can register at "SUMMER SUN" price.  

RDRi is the new epic adventure sailracing event hosted by Aarhus. It's roughest and longest race in Scandinavia where both singlehanders, 2Star sailors and fully crewed boats will be challenged on persistency and endurance. 

First starts are June 19. It all wraps up on June 27 with awards and socializing.    

Round Denmark Race Inshore is an adventure sail racing event. Start and finish is in Aarhus, Denmark.  The course is 650 nautical miles long. Singlehanded sailors will go in the first starts Sunday June 19. Doublehanded and fully crewed will start 2 days later. All participants are expected back in Aarhus on Saturday and Sunday 26 & 27th. Afterparty and price giving on Sunday 27th at 13.00.

The race will be sailed under the Open Scandinavian Adventure Sailracing Order (OSASO). That means there will be no demand for a measurement certificate. Their are no handicap rules. The boats are simply divided into categories due to there LOA  (18-25 ft, 25-30 ft, 30-35 ft, 35-40, >40).