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The Toughest Challenge of the North

Ready to conquer the toughest challenge in Northern European waters? The Garmin Round Denmark Race is not for the faint-hearted. It demands more than just persistence and endurance—it requires the strategic prowess of a meteorologist and the tactical finesse of a seasoned sailor. Planning and logistics are paramount, and knowing your vessel inside out is non-negotiable. Can your crew rise to the occasion and navigate this demanding race with precision and unwavering determination? The challenge awaits ... 

The registration is open. The 10% discount period runs from March 4rd to June 30. 

Don't forget! If you are participating with a fully crewed team, you will benefit from the price limit policy, wherein crew members 5 and beyond receive a 100% discount. In essence, the entry fee remains the same, whether you have 4 or 14 individuals racing around Denmark. 

You will find all the "Need to Know Information" in the two official documents below: Invitation and Event Regulations. Please read both documents thoroughly before registration. 


Event Regulations

  • AUG 1st Offshore starts in Esbjerg 

  • AUG 3rd Inshore starts in Aarhus

  • Mooring at the venue

  • Pre-Race Dinner Party

  • Participant Polos 

  • Sponsor gift draws

  • Grand Depart starts 

  • 24/7 participant surveillance

  • Tracking 

  • Adventure Sailracing category winner

  • ORC Club Overall Winners 

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